Investasurge is a Private Investment Fund and Corporate Brand that provides Financial and Business Support Services to a diverse range of companies. 

Additionally, we offer external individuals and companies the opportunity to benefit from our Investment and Business Support Services through our Supported Company Scheme.

At Investasurge, we believe many businesses and individuals have the vision and capability to achieve great things, however are often inhibited by the lack of access to funding or daunted by the enormity associated with the much deliberated leap of faith!

Investasurge provides the capital, expertise, guidance and support network to enhance the process and journey of turning a concept into reality. We are passionate and take great fulfilment in helping people and companies flourish to realise their aspirations quickly and efficiently with a combined, unapologetic desire to achieve healthy returns on our investments.

We offer the following:

  1. Combined Investment and Business Support
  2. Investment Only
  3. Tailored Business Support